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Our Company

Farm Financial Strategies, Inc. was founded with the goal of walking families through each step of farm transition planning.

We have found that very few families have a thorough plan for passing on the farm. The dangerous result can be that the next generation may be struggling to see a profitable future in production agriculture. Certainly the issues are only growing as land prices increase. Though it is easy to delay planning until problems arise, it may be unwise.

We can help families who desire to proactively determine the future of their livelihood. We have designed a process that can help thousands of families…one family at a time.

Our Commitment

Our representatives have a vested interest in the future of production agriculture. Not only do clients find us knowledgeable, they also discover that we genuinely care about making their best intentions a reality.  We do everything we can to help families discern where they want the farm to go, advise them on how to get there, and walk them through the delicate conversations involved in planning for the future of a family farming operation.

Our Principle

Our company is based on the principle that education and understanding of your current financial situation is vital to making prudent decisions about the future of your livelihood. If you would like to know more or wish to visit with a representative personally, send us an email or give us a call for non-securities or AG planning business at our Lisbon Office at (800) 375-4180 or at our  Osage Office at (866) 524-3636.

For more information about our services, see Questions to Consider